I started fiddling with the bass guitar in 2001 but it only started becoming serious in 2009 when I co-founded an underground metal band. I’ve since immersed myself in various genres with the help of the best band that I have been in, jam@hp. This is intended as an internal club for HP employees to share the love of music, which are also called upon to play during big corporate events like company outings, town halls, and Christmas parties. I was lucky enough to join a “clique” of musicians in that group who had the perfect balance of talent, professionalism, and musical understanding. God, I miss that group.

becoming professional

I never had the chance to perform professionally, i.e. earn money from playing music, until I came to Germany and joined ROOT49. We’re a showband based in Osnabrueck and we usually perform at weddings and other parties around the area. [Book us!]

what I’m listening to

I’m currently into some German jazz, soul, and funk to help me learn the language. Nonetheless, you can visit my Spotify page to listen to what else I enjoy listening to.