HiBreed: Remixed

I attempted to salvage tracks from our band’s attempt at a demo tape back in 2009. Because the budget was tight, only the drums were recorded in a proper studio. Everything else were recorded and mixed at home. We recorded using Audacity where I also made my original (and terrible) mix. We did not know any better.

Anyway, here is a playlist to compare the “original” and the remix. (I actually also brought down the volume of the original mixes because they were clipping all over the place.)

HiBreed is composed of Jomi Boton (vocals), Ric “Bullet” Caliolio (bass), Icel de Villa (lead guitar), Paul Reazon (guitar), and Don Jandusay (drums).

Recording (except drums) and mixing by yours truly. Drums recorded at Skunk Productions.